Abstract & Paper

The abstract of not more than 250 words including:

Title                           MS word in Arial (Size 16 points) in single spacing 

Authors                    MS word in Arial (Size 14 points)

Affiliation                 MS word in Arial (Size 12 points)

Abstract                   MS word in Arial (Size 12 points) in single spacing


Abstracts should briefly include the purpose of study, material and methods, results and conclusions. At the bottom of the page, please indicate the category (thrust area) and also the preference for presentation (oral or poster). The name of the presenting author should be underlined and accompany the e-mail address its@iisuniv.ac.in . One hard copy of the abstract must accompany the registration form along with the registration fee. The abstracts of only registered candidates will be considered for oral/poster presentation.

All the submitted abstracts will be scrutinized by a reviewing committee and information of acceptance will be sent by e-mail to presenting/corresponding author.